Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®)

Supply management professionals control trillions of dollars

Every organization — whether manufacturing or service, large or small — employs at least one person who is involved in supply management activities. The position title may not include the words "supply management," but supply management processes and activities must exist for an organization to survive. The CPSM® is a milestone for those professionals who take ownership of their careers.

The CPSM® qualification will enable professionals to gain a clear understanding of their organization's supply operation and enable managers to take an active role in critical decisions.  Each step in the development of an organization's products and/or services is controlled by supply management. Current evolution of the profession dictates that a strategic level qualification is needed for professionals to effectively implement innovative supply strategies throughout their entire organization, The CPSM® program is specifically designed for experienced supply managers, focusing on managerial and leadership skills in areas such as finance, supplier relationship management, organizational global strategy and risk compliance.

Industry and government recognize the program as the most respected designation of supply management competence. The CPSM® certification is the universally accepted standard for identifying and recognizing supply management professionals. Challenge yourself and make the move to gain supply management's most prestigious designation.

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